Private Airport Layover Tours With Ashley Yue

as seen on Travel Man Season 5 with Jon Hamm


No more boring layovers!

Make the most of your layover while you’re in Hong Kong and let us whisk you away to see the highlights of the city!

On our private airport layover tours, you’ll get to immerse yourself as a local for a few hours, learn more about the history and culture and hang out with someone who was born and raised in Hong Kong.

Lots of laughs and good vibes guaranteed.

What’s included:

  • Personal airport pickup, so you can just come on the tour without figuring out how to get to the city!

  • Personal and customised experience led by Ashley, a local who’s been featured on 2 travel shows previously.

  • Immerse in local culture and learn about Hong Kong colonial era

  • Insider perspective of the coolest things to check out in Hong Kong

  • Personal and intimate experience, guided by Ashley - a local who's born and raised in Hong Kong (also fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin. She also speaks a bit of French!)

  • *Children under age of 12 at the time of the tour is free of charge


  • For longer layover, we suggest you to book a private vehicle for the tour (additional charges).

Watch Ashley showing Richard Ayoade and Jon Hamm around in Hong Kong here: