Photo by  Tim Bilman

Photo by Tim Bilman

Introducing 1968 Tearoom, a private space inspired by Wong Kar Wai’s In The Mood For Love.

Founded in 2019, 1968 Tearoom is a space to share traditional Chinese and Taiwanese tea with fellow tea lovers around the world.
We offer complimentary tea tasting on our private tours and source most of the tea directly from tea farms in Asia.

As fans of retro Hong Kong, we have recreated what Hong Kong looked like back in the 60s in our intimate space and filled it with mementos inspired by Wong Kar Wai’s In The Mood For Love. The interior design is done by our dear friend Sean Lam (check out his Instagram @seanihc318) from Taiwan, who’s also the owner of the bespoke Café Chamber in Tainan.

Interested in renting the space for a day for your event / private party? Message us for further details and pricing at +852 6503 0882 /

Tea Menu

Milky Oolong

  • Tasting note: butterscotch, milk, a hint of mountain dew

  • Sourced directly from an organic certified tea farm in Nantou, south of Taiwan


  • Tasting note: toasted sesame, honey, fresh spring